• Maximize college success & career readiness in 4 months!

    College Jump Start Master Class

    Real-Life College Preparedness For High School Seniors


    Jumpstart freshman handle peer pressure, time management, failure, life choices, and other college challenges with ease and confidence.


    Alleviate your worry. We'll get your student college-ready with our personalized college Jumpstart plan.

    College Bounce Back! Master Class

    Successful College Reintegration After Leave Of Absence


    Bounce-Back participants return to campus with new skills and methods for success.


    We'll help your student bounce back from a bad semester with a clear, student-specific Bounce-Back plan designed for college success.

  • Master Classes & Pricing

    Jump Start Master Class - $1,000/mo
    Bounce-Back Master Class - $1,000/month
  • Not sure which program is best for your student?

    No problem! Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Dr. Joel.

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