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    Dr. Joel leads 8 classes, designed get you ready for a successful first semester by teaching key success skills, strategies to troubleshoot challenges, and focusing on Emotional Intelligence development.

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    A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson re-caps, tips for success, and supplemental resources. Created for the success minded student headed into their first semester.

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    The best way to track your semester is to monitor your goals, identify challenges, and create accountability plans. Get the semester tracking system used by all of Dr. Joel's peak performing students.

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    "College Admission DOES NOT guarantee College Readiness!"

    Dr. Joel Ingersoll has invested over 20 years counseling, coaching, advising, and teaching thousands of high school, college students, and their parents. Jump Start! Master Class is the culmination of all he has learned in those experiences. It is designed to empower high school students with insights, key skills, and strategies needed to launch into a confident, ready-to-thrive first semester of college.


  • Jump Start! Master Class Agenda

    Maximize your student's adjustment to the first semester.

    01 From Admission to Campus Arrival

    Develop these key skills now for a confident adjustment

    Dr. Joel teaches the key skills to develop before getting to campus, the good habits and insights to learn now for increased confidence to adjusting and crushing the first semester.

    02 The First 14 Days

    Set the semester tone early

    Learn to minimize procrastination and other habits that sabotage a first semester. Includes tips on self-motivation, time management, and lifestyle balance.

    03 "My Professor Sucks"

    Create a positive experience during this common challenge

    Learn the strategies to adjust to this academic challenge (I experienced this several times!) that often leads to self-sabotage.

    04 Drinking, Smoking, & Partying 

    Recognize the risks, impact, and resources 

    Dr. Joel, an expert in addictions served as Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services for 2 universities. Learn to recognize early signs of problematic use and awareness of resources.

    05 Thrive Through Adversity 

    Develop self & emotional regulation, a key EI skill

    Encountering adversity during college is inevitable. Dr. Joel teaches how turning perspective and trusting personal strengths will lead to personal and professional development.

    06 Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Health

    Recognize the risks, impact, and plan ahead 

    Dr. Joel, an expert in college mental health teaches how to design a plan to address mental health challenges. Details of campus counseling center trends are highlighted so you can plan ahead.

    07 Stretching Peak Performance

    A 16 week plan to maximize semester performance 

    Learn to maximize performance though the most stressful times of the semester. Dr. Joel teaches how to customize a strategy to prioritize physical & psychological health for optimal performance.

    08 Developing Parent Partnership

    Insights & tips on how to reduce tension at home

    Parent-student conflict is an often difficult challenge. Dr. Joel provides insights into troubleshooting conflict at home, tips to reduce stress, and how to develop a working partnership with parents.

    09 Bonus! The Key Career Skills

    Develop the critical career skills no matter your college major

    Dr. Joel teaches the career development skills that you have never been graded on, yet are THE MOST IMPORTANT for college success and career readiness. Includes insights from a CEO that hires college graduates every year.

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    • 8 Jump Start! Video Lessons
    • 8  Weekly Group Live Sessions
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