• College Jump Start Master Class

    College-Ready Beyond The Books

    Ahead Of Their Peers

    Jump Start graduates handle peer pressure, time management, failure, life choices, and other college challenges with ease and confidence.


    Alleviate your worry. We'll get your student college-ready with our personalized college Jump Start plan.

    Personalized Plan

    4-Month Master Class Students Develop A Plan To:

    • Optimize College Applications
    • Use Time Effectively
    • Put Off Procrastination
    • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Solve Problems and Rebound
    • Increase Coping Confidence
    • Turn Little Failures Into Success
    • Raise Emotional Intelligence
    • Collaborate With Parents



    The Internship Of A Lifetime

    Jump Start master class participants can apply for our Internship Of A Lifetime.

  • Testimonial

    Maximize college success & career readiness in 4 months!


    College Jump Start

    Student: Anna C. @ Harvard


    "After four weeks at college, it was apparent to me that I had an advantage over my peers. I already had the skills to manage my time efficiently while still enjoying college life -- I learned that in Jumpstart!


    Everyone else around me was getting overwhelmed and so stressed! I'm lucky to be a part of this elite program."

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