• The Secret Success Formula

    We Make Your Student's College Tuition Worth Your Investment.

    Increased GPA

    Higher GPAs Than Peers

    We enhance your student's academic performance so they manage time better, accelerate learning, and rebound quickly.

    Graduation in Four Years

    Earlier Than Average Graduation

    We maximize the return on your college investment by making sure your student can plan to finish in four years.

    Better Careers

    Greater Life Satisfaction & Income

    We optimize your student's goal-setting skills so they graduate more fulfilled, and with better options and income potential.

  • In Their Words

    Testimonials About Dr. Joel and Take On College

    Student: Anna C. @ Harvard

    "After four weeks at college, it was apparent to me that I had an advantage over my peers. I already had the skills to manage my time efficiently while still enjoying college life -- I learned that at the College Success Academy Summer Intensive! Everyone else around me was getting overwhelmed and so stressed! I'm lucky to be a part of this elite program."

    Parent: J. Fischer, P.S. District Leader, NJ

    "Dr. Joel has helped me to focus not only on what students need to be successful in school, but what they need to be successful in life beyond the classroom... When it comes to your kids, you would do anything to be sure that they're successful, that they're well-adjusted, but most of all that they're happy... Dr. Joel truly understands the concerns of parents, and the range of student challenges."

    Student: Ty R. @ Northeastern

    "Time management is the most important thing in my life, I would say... If you're not taking your time seriously, and you're not organizing your day properly in order to achieve success, then you're not going to achieve success."

    Student: Nathan B. @ UCLA

    "I had a rough time in my first semester of college. I had done well in high school, so it really threw me that I didn't get great grades in college. So much was different -- social scene, academic expectations; I was much more on my own. I'm glad my mom found Take On College. I wish I had known about Dr. Joel sooner. I now recommend him to all of my friends. He really understands how to help me make the most out of my time here."

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