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    The Workshop helping students develop Psychological Readiness to confidently transition to college.

  • About The Workshop

    Truth is parents and high school students, college admission does NOT guarantee college readiness. In fact, 30% of first year college students DO NOT return for their second year and over 50% who start college will never graduate. And, over 40% of college students are challenged by anxiety. Why is this happening? For starters, many students are not prepared for the psychological adjustment to college. Students have never been taught the skills necessary for successful transition.


    Now they can! Dr. Joel Ingersoll leads a one-of-a-kind weekend workshop designed to increase your students confidence, awareness, and psychological readiness for their adjustment to college. Your college bound student gains an edge BEFORE arriving on campus for their first semester.


    Your student will learn how to cope with anxiety, depression, and stress, recognize personal strengths, increase confidence to thrive during adversity and failure, create plans to maintain peak performance, and develop key Emotional Intelligence skills for college and career success. They will arrive on campus with eyes wide open, ready and confident, and aware of how to access campus resources.


    In 2 small group sessions, Dr. Joel teaches and coaches students that helps them clarify goals, develop time management skills, strategies to troubleshoot challenges and design personal accountability plans to keep them on track.

  • Workshop Format

    Saturday March 2nd & Sunday March 3rd

    11:00 am to 1:00 pm

    Location: Dr. Joel's Oradell, NJ Office

    Cost: $499

    Saturday 11:00am - 1:00pm

    Instructor: Dr. Joel

    Learn How To:

    Topic 1: Develop A Success Mindset

    Topic 2: Break Through Traps To Success

    Topic 3: Increase Coping Confidence

    Topic 4: Develop Emotional Intelligence

    Topic 5: Utilize Campus Resources

    Topic 6: Open Q & A with Dr. Joel

    Sunday 11:00am - 1:00pm

    Instructor: Dr. Joel

    Learn How To:

    Topic 1: Manage Semester Stress

    Topic 2: Cope With Adversity & Failure

    Topic 3: Prioritize Psychological Health

    Topic 4: Troubleshoot The Party Scene

    Topic 5: Choose A Major & Career

    Topic 6: Open Q & A with Dr. Joel

    Bonus Resource Package!

    Students Also Receive

    Tools For College Success:

    Semester Success Tracker

    Access To Online JumpStart! Videos

    Group Networking

    Monthly Group Check In Sessions

    Accountability Planning

    Semester Coaching Opportunites

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    March 2nd & 3rd

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