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  • JumpStart! Master Class Topics

    Design Your Semester Roadmap - Troubleshoot Challenges - All The Success Secrets

    01 Get To Campus With Confidence

    Focus: Build Confidence Right Now 

    Learn the key success skills before getting to campus, all the good habits and awareness points for a smooth adjustment and crushing the first semester.

    02 Manage The First 2 Weeks

    Focus: Set A Positive Attitude & Mindset For Success

    Identify and correct procrastination, time management and self-motivation habits that sabotage a first semester. Adjustment anxiety is intense during this time and you will learn how to effectively handle it!

    03 "Help, My Professor Sucks!"

    Focus: Troubleshoot Challenging Experiences & Excuses

    Self-sabotage starts with making excuses for performance. Learn strategies to adjust to this common challenge (I experienced this several times!) that often leads to first semester disaster.

    04 Drinking, Smoking, & Partying

    Focus: Recognize Risks, Problems, & Resources

    A major adjustment challenge for many new college students. Dr. Joel is an expert in addictions and served as Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services for 2 universities. Learn signs of problematic use, potential costs, and awareness of campus resources.

    05 Thrive Through Failure & Adversity 

    Focus: Develop Personal Strength During Tough Times

    Many students experience adversity and failure during college for the first time. Learn to identify and rely on personal strengths and develop self-regulation, a critical Emotional Intelligence skill.

    06 Cope With Anxiety & Depression

    Focus: Prioritize, Plan, & Manage Your Mental Health 

    Dr. Joel, an expert in college mental health guides students on how to design a plan to address psychological challenges while on campus. Learn the range of resources available on and off campus to help. 

    07 Stretch Your Peak Performance

    Focus: Design A Performance Plan That Works

    Learn to maximize and maintain peak performance through stressful times of the semester. Customize your plan that prioritizes physical & psychological health for an awesome semester.

    08 Improve Parent Communication

    Focus: Reduce Tension & Improve Communication

    Parent-student conflict is often grounded in communication differences. Dr. Joel provides insights into troubleshooting communication conflict, tips to reducing stress, and developing a working partnership.

    09 Graduate With These Skills = Success

    Focus: Develop Key Career Skills Now

    No matter a student's major, there are skills connected to career success and fulfillment. Dr. Joel teaches the skills you students have never been graded on, yet are THE MOST IMPORTANT to develop during college. Includes insights from a CEO that hires college graduates every year.

    10 Student-Athlete Adjustment

    Focus: Learn to make the successful jump to college sports

    Dr. Joel highlights the physical and psychological challenges for high school athletes making the adjustment to college athletics. Learn insights from a Division I baseball player on the academic and social adjustments necessary for student-athlete success!

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