• Recover From A Bad College Semester

    The BounceBack! Workshop helps college students design a semester success plan, increase psychological resilience, and maintain a success mindset

  • Why Do College Kids Fail?

    30% of first year college students DO NOT return for their second year, 50% don't graduate, and over 80% report feeling "overwhelmed." College students are negatively labeled and most struggle with career transition even if they do graduate.


    Why all the challenges? Because students are never taught, tested, or graded on the key skills connected to successful college adjustment. Often, their lifestyle design is not aligned with developing confidence or to effectively respond to stress and adversity.


    Results: They fail, never reach their potential, and lack career skills.


    What is needed to prevent this? Psychological Readiness. Confident, resilient, emotionally intelligent students. The 2-day BounceBack! Workshop is the solution to recovering from a bad semester. The workshop teaches students how to respond to failure, recognize personal strengths, maintain a success mindset, and design a semester success plan. Students learn how to maximize potential, prioritize their psychological health, manage stress, and develop a college success mindset.

  • The College BounceBack! Workshop

    January 9th & 10th

    Time: (11:00 am - 1:00 pm)

    Location: Dr. Joel's Oradell Office (Oradell, NJ)

    Cost: $399

    Wednesday 01/09

    Workshop Led By: Dr. Joel

    • HOW TO:
    • 01: Develop A Success Mindset 
    • 02: Break The Bad Habits
    • 03: Maintain Self-Motivation
    • 04: Prioritize Psychological Health
    • 05: Maximize Critical Career Skills
    • 06: Open Q & A with Dr. Joel

    Thursday 01/10

    Workshop Led By: Dr. Joel

    • HOW TO:
    • 01: Cope Confidently During Adversity
    • 02: Commit To Healthy Social Choices
    • 03: Manage Stress During Exams
    • 04: Max Your Campus Resources
    • 05: Design A Semester Success Plan
    • 06: Open Q & A with Dr. Joel

    Bonus Success Tools

    All Students Receive

    • Semester Success Tracker
    • Dr. Joel's College Success Video Vault 
    • The College BounceBack Handbook
    • Group Networking
    • Semester Social Media Connection
  • Meet Dr. Joel Ingersoll

    Psychologist - Master Coach - Speaker

    Dr. Joel Ingersoll has invested over 20 years counseling, coaching, advising, and teaching thousands of high school, college students, and their parents. He has served variously on college campuses as Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services, Adjunct Faculty, and Associate Director of Counseling Services. Dr. Joel has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Applied Social Psychology, and a Master Coach Certification (CMC). Jump Start! Master Class and BounceBack! Workshops are the culmination of all he has learned in those experiences, designed to empower parents and students with key skills and strategies needed to launch a confident student into college and career success. Dr. Joel is the founder of Take On College and the Center for Psychological Health & Fitness. He is the host of The Take On College Podcast, a weekly broadcast highlighting the challenges and success tip for middle, high school, and college students and their parents.


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  • Testimonials

    Check out what our students & parents are saying.

    “Take On College is an awesome program for anyone trying to maximize their peak performance.”

    - R.J. University of Colorado

    “Dr. Joel has been one of the most helpful advisors I have ever encountered during my academic career.”

    - S.H. Montclair State University

    “Dr. Joel was easy to talk to and very accessible. I was able to work through many of life’s obstacles with his help, and developed skills to conquer those obstacles without his direct help. He was supportive and nonjudgmental.”

    - C.M. Ramapo College of NJ

    “Dr. Joel was always, always there for me when I needed him. When I needed to talk about my feelings and express myself he was always an intent and alert listener, and I never doubted that he heard what I was saying. When I needed to not talk about my feelings, and just needed someone to chat with about life or motorcycles or school, he always indulged me. I have never spoken to anyone better attuned to their listener nor more encouraging and truly supportive. I never had an issue with scheduling times or any sort of the structural issues commonly seen with professionals in the field. Dr. Joel is communicative by phone, email, and text, and really made the extra effort to always make me feel important.”

    - K. J., Rutgers University

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