• Win Your Next College Semester

    BounceBack! Bootcamp returns a student to campus confident, ready to thrive, with a roadmap to college & career success!

  • How BounceBack! Bootcamp Works

    Bad Semester? Academic Probation? Leave Of Absence?

    Goals: Reset Focus & Confidence + Prioritize Lifestyle Health + Accountability Planning

    Format: 60 Minutes Semester Reset Coaching + 60 Minutes Action Training

    Plus: Accountability Coaching for Students at any College Location

    Commitment: 5 Fridays for 2 hours (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

    Location: Westfield Fitness Studio (Westfield, NJ)

    Cost: $1495

    Success Coaching

    Instructor: Dr. Joel

    • 01: Develop A Success Mindset 
    • 02: Break The Bad Habits
    • 03: Maintain Self-Motivation
    • 04: Designing Your Semester Plan
    • 05: Critical Career Skills

    Action Training

    Instructor: Coach Vince

    • 01: Bodyweight, Balls, & Bands
    • 02: Movement Based Training
    • 03: Your Portable Gym + Kettle bells
    • 04: Designing Your Fitness Plan
    • 05: Nutrition & Field Trip

    Accountability & Tools

    Instructors: Dr. Joel & Coach Vince

    • Semester Accountability Coaching
    • Semester Success Tracker
    • Unlimited Access to Video Vault
    • Fitness & Nutrition Plan
    • Group Networking
  • Meet Your Instructors

      Dr. Joel & Coach Vince

    Dr. Joel Ingersoll has invested over 20 years counseling, coaching, advising, and teaching thousands of high school, college students, and their parents. He has served variously on college campuses as Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services, Adjunct Faculty, and Associate Director of Counseling Services. Dr. Joel has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Applied Social Psychology, and a Master Coach Certification (CMC). Jump Start! Master Class and BounceBack! Bootcamp are the culmination of all he has learned in those experiences, designed to empower parents and students with key skills and strategies needed to launch a confident student into college and career success. Dr. Joel is the founder of Take On College and the Center for Psychological Health & Fitness.


    Vince Chen is the Owner and Director of Training at Westfield Fitness Studio, LLC., and a nationally recognized strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, with endorsements from the likes of Mike Boyle (Strength Coach for the Boston Red Sox) and Dr. Charlie Weingroff (Former Strength Coach for the Nets).


    Vince is a Westfield native with a life-long history of athletic excellence which includes 10 years with the Westfield Soccer Association, earning first team All-State honors as a sweeper for one of the elite club teams in New Jersey, the Union Lancers. Vince was also a ranked tennis player with the USTA and participated in wrestling as well. Vince has earned multiple black belts, including his 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aiki Jiu Jitsu conferred upon him by the late Shihan Keith Manni.

    For over 15 years, Vince has specialized in injury reduction and performance enhancement training. He was the former Director or Training for a prominent national athletic development franchise and has been mentored by Coach Mike Boyle and Dr. Charlie Weingroff.


    Vince has worked with a wide variety of clientele, from some of the NJ's top athletes, to clients who are post-rehab after surgery, including many cancer survivors. Vincent has also coached countless others to their fat loss goals - one notable name being Kay Whang, a contestant from Season 4 of "The Biggest Loser". Vincent is also the exclusive strength and conditioning coach of the Charlotte Fury and JLS Artist Management.


    Vince has a B.S. from Vassar College and is currently pursing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


  • Details

    Goals: Increase Personal Confidence + Troubleshoot Challenges + Success Roadmapping

    01: Develop A Success Mindset

    Focus: Increase Self-confidence & Resilience

    Shake the failure mentality and learn to develop a mindset for success. Dr. Joel teaches strategies to respond effectively to failure and how to identify personal strengths alined with goal achievement.

    02: Break The Bad Habits

    Focus: Recognize Self-sabotage Traps

    Identify personal barriers that get in the way of success. Dr. Joel helps students identify lifestyle choices and thinking and doing traps that keep students from personal success.

    03: Maintain Self-Motivation

    Focus: Assess, Adjust & Use Key Resources

    Smart people ask for help. Dr. Joel provides steps to make self-assessments on performance, how to move past help resistance, and proactively use valuable campus resources.

    04: Design Your Success Plan

    Focus: Customize Your Semester Success Plan

    Dr. Joel teaches how to customize a semester success plan, set academic and lifestyle goals, and establish accountability strategies.

    05: Skills For Your Career Roadmap

    Focus: Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills

    Dr. Joel teaches student the critical college and career success skills that students are never graded on.

  • Testimonials

    Check out what our students & parents are saying.

    “Take On College is an awesome program for anyone trying to maximize their peak performance.”

    - R.J. University of Colorado

    “Dr. Joel has been one of the most helpful advisors I have ever encountered during my academic career.”

    - S.H. Montclair State University

    “Dr. Joel was easy to talk to and very accessible. I was able to work through many of life’s obstacles with his help, and developed skills to conquer those obstacles without his direct help. He was supportive and nonjudgmental.”

    - C.M. Ramapo College of NJ

    “Dr. Joel was always, always there for me when I needed him. When I needed to talk about my feelings and express myself he was always an intent and alert listener, and I never doubted that he heard what I was saying. When I needed to not talk about my feelings, and just needed someone to chat with about life or motorcycles or school, he always indulged me. I have never spoken to anyone better attuned to their listener nor more encouraging and truly supportive. I never had an issue with scheduling times or any sort of the structural issues commonly seen with professionals in the field. Dr. Joel is communicative by phone, email, and text, and really made the extra effort to always make me feel important.”

    - K. J., Rutgers University

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