• College Bounce Back! Master Class

    Maximize college success & career readiness in 12 weeks!


    Student: Nathan B. @ UCLA


    "I had a rough time in my first semester of college. I had done well in high school, so it really threw me that I didn't get great grades in college. So much was different -- social scene, academic expectations; I was much more on my own.


    I'm glad my mom found Take On College. I wish I had known about Dr. Joel sooner. I now recommend him to all of my friends. He really understands how to help me make the most out of my time here."

  • College Bounce Back! Master Class

    The Solution For Students On Leave Of Absence

    Custom Bounce-Back Plan

    Custom Solutions For Your Student's Custom Situation

    Your student deserves a personalized success plan to guide their way upon return to campus.

    Check-ins with Dr. Joel

    An Adult They'll Listen To

    Dr. Joel gets college students to listen. Though years of training and practice with young people, he knows how to talk so that they'll listen.

    Group Accountability

    Scheduled Check-In Times

    There's nothing like the energy of a peer group that knows what it's like to encourage progress and celebrate the wins along the way.

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