• What is Take On College?


    College admission does NOT equal college readiness. Take On College programs prep and launch thriving students by helping them develop the key Emotional Intelligence skills critical to college and career success.


    "I created Take On College online after local clients in my New Jersey private practice asked me to offer these services to their distant friends. Now, any student in the world can take advantage of our proven strategies to get ahead in life or to bounce back from a rough semester."

    ~ Dr. Joel Ingersoll


  • Dr. Joel Ingersoll

    Over 15 years of experience helping college & high school students excel!

    Dr. Joel Ingersoll is the president & founder of Take On College. He is a college/high school student counselor, fitness and wellness coach, peak performance consultant, and has served variously as Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services, Affiliate and Adjunct faculty, and Associate Director of Counseling Services. Dr. Joel has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Applied Social Psychology, and a Master Coach Certification (CMC).


    Dr. Joel has also served on numerous campus wellness committees. He's a peak performance advisor for collegiate athletic teams and coaching staffs, and has led over 200 higher education and corporate trainings and seminars. Dr. Joel has been featured in academic journals, popular magazines and newspapers, and on radio and television.

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